Permanent makeup is also known as derma pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing or micro pigmentation. Permanent makeup is defined as a cosmetic technique where tattooing or permanent pigmentation is performed in the dermis. The permanent makeup has different designs which resemble the makeup application. It includes eye lining or permanent enhancement of skin colors i.e. of lips, face, and eyelids. The permanent makeup can also be used for the production of artificial eyebrows especially in individuals who have lost their eyebrows due to disease, old age, chemotherapy, genetic disturbances. It can also be used for disguising the scars or white spots within the skin such as in vitiligo. It can also enhance or restore the areola of the breasts after the breast surgery.



We offer a sterile environment, prepackaged needles and proper ink for permanent makeup at Queen Lashes and Brows. The technician then numbs the area with an anesthetic gel. At each appointment, consultation is done. The template is formed by the experts at Queen Lashes and Brows. Once the client approves, the experts choose the appropriate shade and place it over the sketch lined by the surgical, sterile pen after numbing the areas. During permanent makeup, the experts at Queen Lashes and brows use the inks which are FDA approved. These inks have pigments which are color additives and are approved by FDA. Permanent makeup is not approved for candidates who are on blood thinners.


For eyebrows, hair stroke technique is used where individual hair is needled in order to achieve a fuller shape. This technique is also known as a “micro stroke technique”. The cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows makes them look fuller and works well for people with faint eyebrows or those who have no eyebrows at all.


For eyes, tattoo eyeliner and lash enhancement are done at Queen Lashes and brows. Here the pigment is applied within the lashes to give a fuller look. The experts add thickness at the corners with thinner hairline towards the inner corner. The eyeliner tattoo allows you to throw off or forget about your eyeliner pencils.


For individuals with older age, they usually lose their pink pigment from the lips. The pink color fades away from the lips so the technician adds pink pigment to the lower lip which makes it look larger. The technician starts from the vermillion border to the rest of the lips. During this process, the lips swell up and heal within a week. The lip tattoo gives a perfect definition to the client’s lip line, it aids in hiding the lip scars and reduces the lipstick bleed.


The client will experience some redness and slight swelling after the appointment. The brows will look dark and crisp. However, the pigment starts fading off within 5-7 days and the effect starts softening off around 50%. The permanent makeup lasts for around 1-3 years depending on the use of one’s makeup and their ingredients. Avoid using moisturizers and anti-aging serums. The use of Vitamin C, hydroquinone and retinol fades the pigments from the lips and brows so be cautious while using these ingredients.


The client achieves immediate results with permanent makeup. It enhances the features of your face i.e. lips, eyes and brows with the help of colors. Results of permanent makeup are usually darker when applied initially. It is because the color of the pigments stays in the outermost layer of the skin i.e. epidermis at the beginning. This color starts fading off within a few days as the healing process continues. The upper layer of the skin then starts sloughing off replaced by the new epidermal skin cells.

The color results of permanent makeup can remain for around few years without fading off. The long-term results of permanent makeup depend on person to person. The pigments of the permanent makeup stay within the dermis, due to which the time span for the permanent makeup depends on environmental, individual and procedural factors. Exposure to the sun also results in fading of the color. The color and the amount of pigment within the dermal layer affects the longevity of the permanent makeup. Individual factors such as lifestyle, regular exposure to sun, swimming and gardening can also affect the lifespan of permanent makeup.

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