Micro blading is a Japanese method also known as feather touch, eyebrow embroidery, and micro stroking. It originated over 25 years ago in Asia but it became popular in 2015 is the USA.

Micro blading is a technique of permanent eyebrow makeup which helps in creating the beautiful, natural eyebrows using the microblade. It is a semi-permanent process with less invasion because the needles reach the superficial layer of your skin. Micro blading is performed using ultra-fine needles over each hair by etching it within the skin. The micro blading process gives a natural and dramatic look to the eyebrows. The pigments are matched with the natural eyebrow color or according to the client's desired color. They then match the pigments with the skin tone.



Micro blading works well for individuals who have over-plucked eyebrows, thin eyebrows. It works well for individuals who want a well-defined, reshaped and dark eyebrows. It is an eyebrow tattooing where the expert artists apply the hair strokes over the eyebrows using the microblade. The process creates a fine line which has a great resemblance with the client's hair. Each hair stroke is drawn with hand and blended with the client's natural eyebrows. The results are gorgeous and


The techniques include:

  1.  1D eyebrow technique where the artist draws the hair strokes in one direction.
  2. 3D eyebrow technique where the artist draws the hair strokes in a pattern resembling
    the 3D effect…
  3. 6D eyebrows where the depth for each microblade varies depending on the client’s hair
    strokes. It offers natural and dimensional results.



The micro blading procedure takes around 2 appointments. During the first appointment, our artists draw the eyebrow sketch with the help of a waterproof pencil. The pigments of the eyebrow are matched with the natural skin tone to get an approval by the client before the final results. The first appointment takes around 2.5 to 3 hours. Mild scabbing slight aftercare is needed after the first appointment. During the follow-up visit, the minor touchups are performed by the artist. The second micro blading session is performed after 4-6 weeks and it takes 1.5- 2 hours for completion of the process. The second session allows the ink to settle within the epidermis and naturally slough off. It allows the color of the pigments to set within the skin.


  1. The eyebrows are analyzed without any makeup
  2. The new brows are measured by the ruler to assess the start and end point of the eyebrows
  3. The new brows are penciled to match the exact color according to your skin tone
  4. Tiny hair strokes are tattooed on them to match the pigment of your natural eyebrows
  5. The process is then left for the healing phase because there are soreness and slight tenderness


Follow this protocol before visiting us for the micro blading procedure: 

  • Avoid aspirin or ibuprofen
  • Avoid vitamins before the process
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before the process
  • Avoid tanning so that the natural skin tone can be assessed
  • Avoid using chemical peels or scrubs over the face before the appointment
  • Avoid using makeup in the appointment so our artists can identify your proper eyebrow color
  • Avoid putting exfoliant to extend the results of micro blading
  • Stay away from the sun because it fades the pigment from the skin
  • After 2 hours of a micro blading process, moisten the eyebrow area with Q-Tip using water. Remove any water or lymphatic liquid from the site.
  • Apply the healing balm regularly for 5-7 days
  • Protect the fresh skin after micro blading from moisture
  • Avoid going swimming, sweaty workouts or washing the face again and again
  • You can use Vaseline during the first week to reduce inflammation
  • Aftercare ointments are also provided to avoid inflammation but slight redness is normal after micro blading
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You need a slight touch-ups for one month. After that, the micro blading lasts for around 12 months to 2-3 years depending on your lifestyle. Skincare procedures also affect the lasting results of the micro blading process.

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