At Queens Lashes and Brows, we offer a pair of perfect eyelashes that matches your face and the one you desire. Dramatic eyelashes pop out the look of your eyes. Every female wants enhanced eyelashes due to which mascaras and eyelash curlers are a perfect staple in one's bag. Eyelash extensions are the perfect solution for permanent dramatic looking eyes. At Queen Lashes and Brows you can get your desired eyelashes with a perfect pigmented eyebrows. We offer customized eyelash extensions that finish your final look. You have an option to choose the eyelash length and thickness depending on your preference. So, what is Eyelash extension?


It is a process where different sizes and shapes are used for lash extensions. The type of materials used for eyelash extensions includes silk, mink and synthetic. Our skilled professionals apply for the eyelash extensions with the help of tweezers and the use of semi-permanent glue which is specially formulated. The procedure of eyelash extensions takes around 2 hours during which you need to close the eyes. The faux lashes last for around 21-30 days and falling off similar to the natural lashes.


It is a skillful and patient process where you need to properly master the technique of eyelash extensions. Our skilled experts are highly professional and efficient enough to bond the extensions to natural lashes appropriately.
The eyelash extensions are placed individually with patience and precise touch. It takes around an hour or half an hour for full application. Our team uses the tweezers to help in the process and make it a sanitary process for each client. The eyelash extensions are placed individually to each natural lash so it stays for a longer period till the time natural lash sheds off.
The makeup is removed from the eyes along with other oil-based products. The artist makes sure that the lashes are clean. The last extensions are then placed over the makeup sponge. They are separated from each other to allow easy handling with the tweezers. Before the initiation of the process, place the eyelash extension adhesive in the adhesive holder. It allows easy handling of the adhesive in a clean environment. The ends of the lash extensions are properly coated with lash adhesive and then placed over the natural lash. The use of tweezers allows increased precision for our experts. It takes around 10 seconds for the lash glue to dry out. Once the bond between the lash extension and natural lash is made, it resists sweat, tears, sun, and water. The client is asked to avoid the use of water for around 2-3 hours after the process is performed.


  •  It reduces the makeup routine into half.
  • You can choose the eyelash extensions according to your demand. You can choose the length, thickness, fullness or volume of the eyelashes. You can choose whether you want for a special occasion or is it for a lifetime.
  • After getting the eyelash extensions, you don’t need to worry about the mascara smudges, flakes or clumps. You don’t need to spend on eyelash curlers or mascaras.


  • It is a slight costly process but it is worth it.
  •  You need to maintain the eyelashes after getting the eyelash extensions.
  •  Avoid using oil-based makeup remover as it can loosen the eyelash glue and make them fall out.
  •  You cannot rub your eyes frequently once you are done with the process.


  • Avoid getting into the shower or wetting your eyelashes for the initial 48 hours of the process.
  • Once you plan on getting a shower, use a blow dry to cool down the lashes.
  • The eyelash extensions fall off within 3-4 weeks similar to the natural lashes which looks very creepy
  • As soon as the lashes start to shed and you want to remove them, book your next appointment
  • Change your skin-care routine and avoid heavy eye creams, oil-based cleansers around the eyelash area.
  • Avoid using mascara over the lash extensions as they increase the weight and break the delicate eyelash extensions.
  • Be gentle once you plan to get the eyelash extensions.
  • Maintaining an eyelash extension is a delicate task but you can achieve the desired look at Queen Lashes and Brows.

Make an appointment with us for eyelash extensions and enjoy a wonderful experience with our experts at Queen Lashes and Brows.